Some financial advisors only focus on helping you accumulate assets.  Some accountants only look back as of December 31st to help you pay your correct tax bill.  We believe it’s our job is to also help you look forward to reduce future tax bills, and help you avoid unnecessary risks in your retirement years and your estate plan. You didn’t work your whole life to make Uncle Sam one of your biggest beneficiaries!

Without a complete review of your personal situation, risk tolerance, income needs, tax situation, long-term care needs, and estate and charitable desires, no one can or should have an opinion on whether a specific investment or financial product is right for you. An advisor should always help you build a plan by discovering your true desires and needs prior to making any recommendations.


Make sure any advisor you work with answers these
5 critical questions before you make another financial decision!


  1. Have you adequately reviewed my personal situation to make sure this recommendation is in my best interest?
  2. How will your plan affect my tax return each year and what future tax issues may concern me?
  3. How will your plan affect my income and liquidity needs in the future?
  4. How does your plan match up with my risk comfort level?
  5. How will your plan affect the transition of my estate to my heirs?


Our simple, easy to understand, 3 Step Review is a great way of helping you determine whether or not your current strategies and plans match up with personal concerns and goals.