At Roadmap Financial Consulting we help people implement holistic retirement strategies  designed to reduce the risks of future taxation, market volatility and the cost of long term care. We believe there are basically two ways that anyone in the financial services industry can be of service. The first is to help you find “better” products or investments that can potentially earn higher rates of return, which unfortunately often require significantly more risk. The second way is to help you be more efficient with the money you’ve already saved. We believe there is more opportunity in avoiding unnecessary losses than trying to pick the next big winners for most people who are either retired or approaching retirement.

A Few Words From Glenn W. Mosseller

My name is Glenn Mosseller. Hello and welcome to our website.

Our only business is to protect our clients from unknown and unnecessary exposure to risk, taxes and other transfers of wealth. My business is built on the principals of honesty and making sure I provide the same level of service to everyone that I provide to my Mother.

I started Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC primarily for two reasons.

First, it bothers me to see good people work and save for an entire lifetime only to unknowingly and unnecessarily leave their retirement security exposed to excess market risk, reverse dollar cost averaging, and premature or unnecessary taxes.

Second, baby boomers are turning 65 at the rate of more than 10,000 per day. Simply stated, the United States has an increasingly aging population combined with a decreasing workforce that is becoming more reliant on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. These programs will be increasingly funded with tax dollars collected from today’s working population and withdrawals from the IRAs and 401(K)s of the retired and soon to be retired. Therefore, I believe it is imperative for Americans to begin creating more tax free dollars for the future.

If my philosophy makes sense to you, let’s get together and have a conversation about your financial goals. There’s no obligation. Simply give me a call or click the “Free Consultation” button below.

Best Regards,
Glenn Mosseller, RFC®

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