“There is nothing more important or more valuable than family.”

We strongly believe most people and most families end up giving away most of their wealth and miss out on many financial opportunities due to lack of financial knowledge.

The creation of family wealth doesn’t occur accidentally. It is planned and well thought-out. Wealthy people plan to remain wealthy. Unfortunately, in the end most people end up leaving a house, a little savings, and a few sentimental items. Although these things have value, they pale in comparison to what could have been left if the entire family planned a family legacy.

Viewing the family as a single unit seems to be a thing of the past, yet it remains one of the only solutions for creating lasting family wealth. Some families insure their ongoing family legacy, while others suffer from lack of financial knowledge. In days gone by, all members of the family would invest their time and money to increase the wealth of the family farm, knowing someday it would be theirs. They didn’t do this out of greed, but out of love for the family.

If you were to discover there was an opportunity to insure generational wealth and an ongoing family legacy simply by planning together with your parents and/or your children, would you take advantage of the opportunity?