Is it important to work with a “Fiduciary”?

That depends on what you think is important. Different “advisors” are held to different standards. With Series 65 credentials, Glenn Mosseller has a fiduciary responsibility to act in his clients’ best interests. Many “advisors” are not always held to this high standard, but rather what’s called a “suitability” standard. This means they can do what they deem “suitable”. In fact, many of these “advisors” work for publicly traded companies that have an obligation and fiduciary responsibility to act in their company shareholders’ best interest. 


Why hasn’t my current advisor told me about these strategies?

Unfortunately many advisors are not independent and are not allowed to discuss tax aware planning, they are in the business of selling products that simply offer little if any control or protection of your money.

Why is my current advisor trying to talk me out of making a change?

Advisors are often rewarded for “assets under management” and try to retain as many customers as possible. Simply stated, when an advisor has a customer move money somewhere else, the advisor and firm can no longer generate income from this money.

Is my money safe if I work with Roadmap Financial Consulting?

When using Safe Money Strategies, Roadmap Financial Consulting only does business with highly rated Legal Reserve Insurance Companies that are required by government regulations to maintain capital reserves greater than or equal to all of their contractual obligations.

How does Roadmap Financial Consulting get paid?

The companies we work with pay us directly. Nothing will ever be withdrawn from your insured accounts to pay Roadmap Financial Consulting. You can rest assured that we’re not in the business of making money on undisclosed fees.

How do I know Roadmap Financial Consulting is working in my best interest?

Roadmap Financial Consulting is not obligated to any one financial services institution or insurance company. We believe everyone is unique and there are no one size fits all solutions when it comes to personal finances. So we contract with a variety of companies in order to have the tools necessary to design solutions for each individual circumstance.