Throughout your working life, you receive a regular paycheck. When you retire that paycheck will either stop or be reduced, then what? Making sure your assets can generate the retirement income stream you need today and keep up with the rising cost of living requires expert planning.

Which income streams do you have control over? Some like Social Security and pensions are automatic. Others like distributions from your retirement and investment accounts or annuities require specific decisions as to when and how much you should take out. Some of your accounts may allow you to take a lifetime income stream that you can’t outlive.

Helping you plan your income in the most tax efficient manner to meet your needs involves a well thought out plan to evaluate your special needs concerning risk of assets, when to begin receiving Social Security benefits, liquidity needs for emergencies, and feeling comfortable with the possible changes in your income needs due to changes in the cost of where you live or changes in the cost of your health care.