Don’t make poor healthcare choices due to lack of knowledge.

Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC assists families that are transitioning a loved one into a long-term healthcare environment . . .home healthcare, assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing facility.  We help families understand the complex legal and financial issues involved in determining who is responsible for paying for care as well as guide them through the emotional, physical, and mental strains that are placed on families as they go through the process of caring for their aging loved one.

Coordination of Benefits…

Many families are confused over who is responsible for paying for care.  When does Medicare pay?  Medicaid?  The VA? Private insurance?  Long-term care insurance?  How much of my estate will I need to ‘spend down’ before assistance is available?  These are all crucial questions.

It is important to understand how various programs coordinate payment of services . . .whether it’s VA and Medicaid, Medicaid and Medicare, long-term care insurance and Medicaid or VA benefits, etc.  Knowing which programs will pay for which services may save you tens of thousands of dollars while Mom or Dad is receiving care.

Having one central provider who can assist you with the answers to these questions based upon the unique circumstances of your situation is essential.  Well-meaning friends, relatives, and co-workers may be able to share from their experiences . . .but unless the facts and situation are exactly the same . . . you live in the same state .  . . income and assets are the same, etc. . . . their experiences are of little value to you.

Our recommendations are based upon proven methods of applying legal and financial planning that will not only help you through this process, but also help you understand the entire spectrum of long-term care planning. For example, if Mom’s first foray into the long-term healthcare arena is at the assisted living level of care, it is unlikely that she will remain at that level of care for the balance of her life.  What happens when she needs nursing care?  What benefits are available to help pay for care without her spending down all of her hard earned assets or forfeiting her house to pay for care.  We can help you plan now and plan ahead.

We will work with caseworkers, financial, tax advisors, and attorneys to evaluate your set of facts and determine if assistance is available to reduce or eliminate the out-of-pocket money. Many families find themselves quickly spending down a nest egg that took a lifetime to save – leaving little or nothing for their spouse and other heirs. In fact, most states allow a nursing home resident to have less than $2,000 before any assistance is available.  

It doesn’t necessarily have to work that way when financial and legal tools are effectively coordinated. We understand how difficult making healthcare decisions can be and can help by alleviating or minimizing the financial and legal impact of paying for care. Whether you or a loved one is needing care and are concerned about the cost or are afraid to make decisions because you don’t know who to turn to –  let us guide you this process.