No one would drive across the country without a Roadmap or GPS.

Why head 25-30 years into retirement without a financial Roadmap?
Ask yourself the following critical retirement questions.


  • How much monthly income will I need during retirement, accounting for inflation?
  • How much do I need to save to produce the monthly income I will need during retirement?
  • How much annual income could be lost due to the death of a spouse?
  • Would loss of income due to the death of a spouse affect how long a surviving spouse could pay for living expenses?
  • How much of my future income will be coming from: social security, pensions, other income and my “nest egg”?
  • How many years can my income sources provide my required expenses, including inflation?
  • If there’s another stock market crash and I draw income before the stock market fully recovers, what will be the consequences to my lifetime income?
  • Could I outlive my retirement savings?
  • 60% of retirees require long term care. If either my spouse or I require long term care will we have enough assets to pay the bills and leave enough for other income?

Knowing the answers to these critical questions is vital to your future. 

If you cannot answer these questions with confidence you could probably benefit from a complimentary consultation.