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Take control of your retirement today!

Lots of people still have 401(k) accounts at previous jobs. In most cases, it’s because either they simply don’t have time to think about it or the process seems a bit complicated.

We’ll help with all the complicated forms and put you back in control of your old 401(k) in no time! Just give us a call or send us a message and we’ll start working for you today.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll answer all of your questions.

We’ll request the rollover paperwork from your previous employer.

We’ll fill out the paperwork with you to have your 401(k) funds transferred into your new retirement account.

That’s it!

Common Questions:

Does rolling over my old 401(k) have any tax consequences?

Tax consequences can be avoided, as long as the funds are properly transferred directly to a new retirement account.

Is there a charge for rolling over my 401(k)?

It depends on the plan you choose. Some accounts have fees and some don’t. Some accounts will actually pay a BONUS for rolling over a 401(k)! Rest assured if a fee is involved it will be disclosed to you.